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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 6, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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spending the day at camp. we have more on how people are trying to stay cool. >> the d.c. department of parks and recreation has extended its hours for two hours in an effort to keep people safe and give them a place to cool off. we did not break a record today, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a terrible day to be outside. blazing heat stifled the nation's capital for yet another day. oppresses temperatures may being outside unbearable. being inside wasn't much better for this northwest resident, a senior citizen who lost power and her air-conditioning. >> it just like an oven. it is hot up there. it has to be 90 degrees. >> she and her daughter sought refuge in the basement and prayed for the power to come
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back on. coaches at home run baseball camp are keeping a watchful eye on players. batting practice these days is coupled with lots of water breaks. anything to cool off. >> we take them out of the sun every 20 or 25 minutes. there is a lot of time spent playing in the water. >> it seems many people were looking for the smallest patch of shade or cooling off with a cold drink. >> this woman will spend eight hours working outside at wilson high school. crews are working to renovate the school and survive the heat. >> i feel faint. it's real serious. i keep the sweat and tried to say hydrated, but it's bad. i don't recommend nobody to be out here if they don't have to. >> this is the 26th day this year where we have had weather topping the 90 degree mark.
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tomorrow will be another. >> thank you. d.c. firefighters have responded to more than 400 calls for help today from people suffering in the heat. let's go live to the busiest fire station where she went along with some of the calls. >> not only is the busiest, but it is the busiest time of year with the intense heat combined with the tourists in town. the firefighters with engine 16 have been going nonstop since the clock in at 7:00 this morning, barely catching a break. firefighters at engine 16 are busier battling the heat than fires today. >> when the temperature goes up, we start running. >> the sirens echoed through downtown d.c. as the engine russia is to treat another heat victim. >> [unintelligible] >> for firefighters and a
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paramedic give attention to this woman who lost consciousness in the sweltering temperatures. >> put on the heart monitor, checked their heart, start and ivy. we've done everything we can on the street. we have the transport unit out and we will get them to the hospital. >> friends who called 911 say she was outside for three hours and heat aggravated her existing medical condition. >> she has taught trouble to take that kind of medication. -- she has heart trouble to take the kind of medication. >> this shows how dangerous it is to be outside. >> if you have business to take care of, take care of your business and go home. >> of weather presents challenges for firefighters outside and inside. >> the fire trucks don't have air-conditioning. the temperature in the fire truck probably stays 110 degrees
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all the time. >> and these guys still have 14 hours to go on their shift. to break down how much impact he is having, firefighters respond to about 450 calls on a typical day. today, they have already responded to 500 and this is the busiest time of day. >> i think you have given us added respect for firefighters. the east coast is broiling under an unforgiving sun and a widespread he waved. philadelphia, new york city, newark and washington are experiencing triple digit temperatures. power companies are making sure it does not lead to massive power outages and cooling centers are being set up for residents without air- conditioning. the heat is blamed for at least two deaths so far. riders on the brunswick and kansas line can expect delays today. he orders have been issued until 7:00. trains on both lines will
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operate 20 miles an hour under the normal authorized speed. writers should expect 10 to 15 minute delays. we'll have another check on your forecast in a few minutes. you can check the temperatures and humidity levels where you live by going to be whether section of our web site. >> a developing story coming out of montgomery in a county where a police sought -- please shot a suspect they say robb to banks. it ended in the man's front yard in damascus. >> it is an unusual place for this sort of criminal activity, and neighborhood of big homes, and big yards. one family has come out to pick peaches. you can see the corn field -- this suspect was running from police, took a random turned down this dead end and then cut into the big corn field. this is one of the stocks he broke. it is well over 6 feet tall. he disappeared in the field and
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police waited for him to come out and that is when the violence happened. the suspected bank robbers run ended in a hail of gunfire and flying cornstalks right in front of his home. >> i'm just looking out my bedroom window and i see a car come out and i thought that was not normal. it went through my yard and into my neighbor's yard and crashed into those trees. >> what he did not know was the man in the crashed red toyota had allegedly already robbed two banks. he was caught on surveillance video hitting this branch in germantown. police believe he jumped at the counter to grab money at this branch in damascus. when he fled, officers were on his tail. he sped high speed into the corn. police held back and waited for the car to reappear. >> the suspect did come back out of the corn field at one point and came down the road, drove at
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an officer on foot trying to get a vantage point. the officer discharged his service weapon that the suspect. >> you can see how the windshield was shattered by police gunfire. the suspect was hit once and crashed into a yard a few hundred yards after leaving the corn. >> this is not normal for our neighborhood. >> when police got to the suspect, they found he was in full cardiac arrest. the same mchenry county police officers involved in the chase performed cpr and brought the men back to life. he was put on a medevac helicopter and taken to the trauma center in baltimore where we are told he is only still alive. >> thank you. a candlelight vigil will be held in honor of a college student and student was murdered over the weekend in west virginia. he was a former intern for a
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pennsylvania -- for an inf -- he was shot and killed and his killer had not been caught. >> residents can turn the water back on in maryland. officials lifted mandatory restrictions in montgomery county and prince george's county this morning. nearly 2 million customers cut back usage for five days while crews fix the problem with a water main. they made sure the water still met quality standards. the sea water crews are repairing a 30 inch water main break. the water main burst around 5:45 this morning. crews had to close two lanes during repair work but the lanes have since reopened. no customers were impacted. final repairs will be made saturday. >> now to the open water -- more problems in the gulf of mexico. bad weather is the laying a new containment ships from being hooked up to the gushing well
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and tar balls are starting show up along the texas coast. we have the latest on this environmental disaster. >> to explain exactly where we have gotten, the leak is spewing about 60,000 barrels of oil a day and the coast guard is about to connect the other ship to vacuum oil from right above the week. it could almost double what they have been collecting so far, but on this 78 day, they are still calling for more help. >> it is the latest and unconventional tool in capturing the oil and it is a blunt that can stay in the air longer than airplanes and pinpoint slicks headed for the coast. although it is too little, too late for folks in galveston, texas. >> we were sad and disappointed. >> today, we have tarp. the first time we have seen it. >> all four gulf states are seeing these ominous arrivals things to hurricane alex and do
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worse storms forcing the mess into places not previously seen pontchartrain. >> [unintelligible] >> if there is good news, it is the drilling is said to be ahead of schedule. the relief wells just 300 feet from completion could be tapped in early august, possibly stopping the still -- possibly stopping the still -- possibly stopping this bill altogether. it will significantly increase what they can collect under water. >> [unintelligible] >> the masses ship finished at bit 2 days of testing -- the massive ship finished its two days of testing today. it could soon be working for bp and hopefully preventing more unwanted visitors along gulf coast beaches. the weather seems to be the worst enemy for recovery right now. waves making skimming the water
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difficult and burning it impossible. even the plant we showed you will not be able to fly until late this week because of the strong wind. >> coming up, we hit the street to see what jobs are the hottest on this day of record-breaking heat. >> a desperate search for a little girl last seen getting into a stranger's car. >> four firefighters were hurt after a home exploded. >> the excitement is growing after a famous singer announces she is going to college in the district. she is going to college in the district.
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>> missouri police have issued an amber color for a girl was grabbed from her front yard last night. she was playing outside with her brother when a car pulled up and someone grab her. her parents were home at the time. the car is described as a black four-door sedan and her abductor was a white male believed to be wearing a white t-shirt and blue jean shirt -- blue jean shorts. four firefighters were injured after a home exploded in california. seconds after they went inside, the home exploded.
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all four firefighters suffered burns on their hands and faces. investigators say they have evidence the explosion was deliberately set. >> lindsay lohan was back in court today. she appeared in court to learn that she is going to jail. a judge is deciding if she violated probation by failing to finish out of all education class is on time. the probation was that in 2007 after she was busted twice for driving under the influence. she missed a hearing in may when she lost her passport and says she was that in france. >> a narrow escape for one missouri woman after her as you be plunged into a giant sinkhole. it went headfirst into a massive hole and the vehicle filled up with water. she managed to scramble out and rescue crews pulled her dog to safety. the water company says the water main break is to break for that -- is to blame for that. >> seems like there have been so
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many water brain -- so many water main breaks locally. >> it is hot out there. anyway you look at it, when you are above 100 degrees, it all feels the same. >> it is hot. >> hazy outside and hot. we will see a very slow cool down, eventually falling into the '80s. a little bit cooler on the northern and western suburbs. a few stops on the weather but network -- 103 degrees in mclean. feels like 106 degrees. 100 in gaithersburg. a little bit of relief from the heat. a high of 92 but it feels like 91. a nice evening shaping up with
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crystal clear skies. we are looking for an ice -- holding in the mid '70s. here is a look -- you are lucky enough to have the day off. 90 degrees at virginia beach. here are the records -- we broke the record with 106 degrees. the old record was 101 set in 1991. not quite a record at reagan national. the current trading at 100 degrees. looks like the record will remain safe. into to our night, the 11:00 including the district and alexandria. stafford county, another hot day tomorrow. 96 in hagerstown. same in richmond.
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the index not as much of a problem. the two. bubble holding in the '60s. upper 60s -- not as bad as it could feel, but it could feel hot once again. temperatures will eventually cooled things to a cold front that will swing through the region on thursday, giving us a chance for an isolated showers thunderstorm. nothing will not to a whole lot. cooler air in the upcoming weekend. clear, warm and humid with temperatures in the '70s. lower to mid-80s downtown. rapid heating tomorrow well into the '90s, highs around 100 degrees with a heat advisory and when did not getting much relief. -- when did not getting much relief. 93 degrees and isolated
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thunderstorms thursday and friday. upper 80s by the weekend. monday, tuesday -- looks like temperatures are going to ramp up again. enjoy the cooler air for the weekend even though we have to get through a moral. records today -- unbelievable, the 106 degrees. >> even 90 would felix weather -- felix wetter weather. >> one well-known singer will be packing more into her schedule to get a college degree from a certain well-known d.c. university. >> it is the best university in the nation. natasha barrett is at howard university with the latest on her plans. >> mary j. blige is giving up of the red carpet to hit the books. she may have nine grammys and several number one hits, but now
5:20 pm
she's after college diploma. that comment is causing a big buzz on the campus of howard university. >> it is really exciting. >> the 39-year-old singer announced she got her ged recently. she may have worldwide fame and money but she has said that she regrets dropping out of high- school and says she wants to continue her education. >> i think for the youth of today, it's a powerful point she is making. a lot of times you look at athletes and stars and they have all of this wealth but at the end of the day, knowledge is power. >> howard has been home to stars before they were stars. it might pose a charge -- might pose a problem for security. fans are hoping to get a look. >> who don't like mary?
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>> we have not heard what she plans to study or where she will take class's yet. >> never assume nothing for education. the matter how old you are, no matter how big you are. >> howard university officials are not confirming whether or not she will actually attend classes because of security concerns. they are well aware of those in advance. >> tonight, abc's prime-time family secrets brings us the westin family story. a family running a court -- a cult-like household until one day nine members of the family are found dead. >> you have that calm, quiet look, don't cross him. >> did he have that look on the day of the murders? >> he was very calm. >> watch the full story tonight.
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that's at 10:00 followed by abc seven news at eleven. >> coming up, we will take the thermometer out to the streets to see you as the hottest job on this sweltering day. >> see how much more postage stamp could cause this year. >> white queen elizabeth ii decided to visit new york for [ male announcer ] thinking about your florida vacation
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>> queen elizabeth ii made a rare visit to new york city today. >> it is the first glimpse of queen elizabeth back in new york after nearly 35 years. she arrived at the united nations with flashes from the photographers of the way to general assembly where a welcome for a queen conjure memories of last visit to the un 53 years ago. >> i address you today as queen of 16 united nations member states. and as head of the commonwealth of 54 countries. >> she spoke for less than 10 minutes, a speech reflecting on how the world has changed during her 58-year reign, one of the longest of a british monarchs. now, perhaps in the twilight of her role, she hopes her experience can foster strong leadership in the world of conflict. >> i have observed some
5:26 pm
attributes of leadership are universal and i set about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, their talents, their insights. their enthusiasm and inspiration to work together. >> the queen did not dread -- did not ditch her regal wardrobe or hat despite temperatures over 100 degrees. a symbol of discipline she hopes inspires a new generation of leadership. >> in tomorrow's world, we must all work together as hard as ever if we are truly to be united nations. >> this ends the queen's nine they tore through north america. she spent most of the time in canada but instead of spending the night in new york, she decided it was time to head home. >> thank you. coming up, the search is on for elvis presley. he was stolen off the roof of a
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maryland building. >> and friends and family gathered to say goodbye to an art student while police searched for a killer. >> how hot is your job? mine is around 100 degrees. >> how hot is your job? mine is around 100 degrees. - friend: yeah? car owner: and this is what he had in my budget. friend: oh well, the top is down! car owner: the top is gone! friend: yeah, there's lot's of head-room! car owner: tons of head-room! careful! friend: ow! car owner: that's sharp. friend: cheese! car owner: yeah. sorry. carmax spokesperson: settling for less is not smart. what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. guaranteed quality used cars can cost a lot less than new cars, so you can get more car for less money by shopping at carmax. now more than ever the smart choice is carmax. the way car buying should be.
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while the raid team is looking kind of... dead. uh-oh, this competition's over. ( spraying, pow ) ra-- ?! fast killing raid. kills bugs dead! s.c. johnson. a family company. >> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> and today was the first day to work for many people after the long fourth of july holiday. while many people spent the day
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in their air-conditioned offices, we wonder what are the hottest jobs in town? we went out in search of that answer and we have this now live from arlington. >> in the job required to be outside today would qualify as a hot job. well over 100 degrees in places. we took our heat gun device to determine who had the hottest job. >> 99.3 degrees in the shade. with a heat gun in hand -- it feels closer to 107 -- we're looking for hot jobs in the people suffering through them. this bricklayer is not having fun in the sun. >> i've been doing this for 40 years. 40 years ago when i got to be 95 degrees, you would go home. i will -- that would help we have as much sense today. >> on the sidewalk in georgetown, its 104 degrees.
5:31 pm
on 13th street, nothing cool about this car wash -- 100 degrees. >> ice water. we go into the air conditioning and cool off. >> a slow day with very little sleazy -- very little shade for these ladies gathering signatures below 103 degree weather. >> we are sweating lot. >> if you want to talk about hot, talk to these guys. these guys are working under the street. the temperature in the hole is hovering around 107 degrees. >> you sweat just standing here. it's three times as bad working down there. >> but the hottest job we found was inside this great stand with the stove on and mother nature is blast furnace, we clock a stomach turning 126.7 degrees. >> how hot as it feel? >> 150 or 200. >> is hot regardless of where
5:32 pm
you are. it can vary from place to place. on the ground it was about 199 in the shade. but on the roof, 112 degrees. if you can stay inside, that's probably the best option. >> thank you. you can cut your crapes yourself. >> we will have another look at the highs later. in the meantime, go to and will have more stories about the problems the way it is causing. >> friends and family are saying goodbye to a local college to do and at the center of a murder mystery. the fairfax county bureau chief is live at the dealing with how the young woman is being remembered today. >> you have been covering the story and know the friends and families have joined together of the past few nights.
5:33 pm
the viewing is going on 3 tonight and it's a measure of how the vessel was loved by the number of people who have come together. she was very dear to this community. before she goes to the viewing of our high school and classmates at shared her birth date, she says she wanted to come here. >> i feel heard she is not here with us. >> this marks where she was found stabbed to death inside her white toyota nine days ago. >> rest in peace for her family. >> dozens of her high school friends and those who know her from art school in savannah gathered to remember her beauty and talent with clay, paint and pen. her cousins say the response reflects the many lives she touched. >> she was a great girl. she was happy, energetic and all of life. >> what pushes on this crushing
5:34 pm
loss is the mystery surrounding her murder. it happened in the middle of a sunday afternoon. >> it scares me and we are hoping for the best. we want some answers. >> for now, memories are cherished with smiles and tears. the life and loss of this young woman brings the community together. >> i want people to remember her as vanessa. >> the funeral is tomorrow morning in vienna. she will be laid to rest not far from where i'm standing tomorrow afternoon. if you would like any more information about this case, you can check our web site. >> she clearly meant so much to so many. fairfax police say the killer is still on the loose. they want the community to be especially careful until they can figure out who killed her and why.
5:35 pm
>> let's look at news across the region. negotiations are underway to build the first wal-mart in new -- in the district on [unintelligible] the site is owned by a family in the taxicab business. so far, the company has made no official announcement. metro saw fewer riders according to a survey. the national mall festivities and the baseball game -- its 49,000 fewer trip and there is the highest independence day writers to the recent years. they say there's no specific reason for the drop. a diner in maryland is on the hunt looking for all this. somebody stole the seven-foot tall statue of the king of rock- and-roll from the roof of this restaurant. surveillance shows a white band pulling up last wednesday and all that is left now is part of
5:36 pm
his feet. the former owner bought the statue for $1,500 in 2001. >> that's not right. time now for a track -- time now for a check and air-traffic situation. >> to problems on mass transit -- red line delays are up to 20 minutes because of a track malfunction. it might be heat related. marc trades -- major delays on the pan lines. 95 southbound coliseum not too bad delays. usually a lot worse than this. springfield looks like a straight shot. not the case in maryland -- the inner loop of the beltway, a crash that has the inner loop back up to the dulles toll road. that is a pretty bastide delay coming at a virginia -- pretty nasty delay coming out of virginia.
5:37 pm
>> thank you. coming up, stamp prices are going up again. is it the best way for the post office to raise money? >> it is miserable here. let's see is how cities of on boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko. gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance... well as motorcycle insurance... oh...sorry, technical difficulties. boss: uh...what about this? gecko: what's this one do? um...maybe that one. ♪ (dance music plays) boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we were on motorcycle insurance. anncr: take fifteen minutes to see how much you could save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance.
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>> a lot of people sweating through record-breaking temperatures outside. >> the heat wave is spreading across the east coast. alive to the satellite center for people -- how people in new york and philadelphia and canada are coping with the. >> this could be the worst heat wave in decades. 13 states have issued extreme heat warnings and there will be relief for these two days. the scorching heat is proving to be merciless and widespread, dramatically affecting a number of states along the east coast. d.c. a sharing 100 plus temperatures with new jersey and philadelphia where officials decided to cancel summer school class today. >> today, it's about staying in the shade and keeping cool. >> is hot out here. >> the heat wave is blanketing the quarter of the country, bringing more problems than dangerous heat. >> i put by the in the freezer
5:41 pm
-- putting water in the freezer because i knew would be hot today. >> there are power outages across new york and power lines are on the ground, burning at least one car. some residents are still in the dark. >> we go down into the basement where it's a little cooler and you can be somewhat more comfortable. >> air-conditioning units are being sold at a feverish pitch. >> you get 50 or 60 customers at one time in a small area. i give it to them in the street. >> our country -- power companies are bracing for blackouts. >> this week is going to be the biggest stress on the electrical system since 2006 when we had a blackout for a week and a half. >> unfortunately, high temperatures leave children especially vulnerable. already this year, record 19 children have died trapped in
5:42 pm
part -- trapped in hot cars. >> thank you. up next, the latest fashion fad -- but we are on your side with a warning about safety of these contact lenses. >> the post office wants to r [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill, because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best.
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>> it's something most people like to hear. >> i would say all people. the post office wants to raise stamp prices again. how much market will soon be paying? >> the post office cannot increase rates faster than inflation, but under unusual circumstances, exemptions are made. the u.s. post office is expected to lose $7 billion this year. >> its not a good idea. not right now. >> customers seeking outside a post office and some threatened to abandon the postal service. >> i will make more of an effort to pay bills online. >> the postal service announced a wide ranging series of price increases. on average, it amounts to a 5% hike. once enacted, a single stamp will cost 46 cents.
5:46 pm
>> it still cheaper than fedex. >> while some say it's still a bargain, some say the repeated hikes must stop. >> tell me up front and tumble again not to play and i will plan. let's not do it every year. >> they don't seem the solution is to cut their own budget. >> the postal service laid off 40 -- but of 40,000 workers last year and the postmaster general wants to put an end to sat. deliveries which could save $2 billion. congress has not allowed cuts in the service since 1983. >> every time we turn around, everything is going up. >> it all trickles down to many of those who need it most. one nonprofit group supports disadvantaged youth in the southeast. the executive director says the increases will likely mean fewer trips. >> the kids in this to block radius, a can seem like the world, so it makes a difference. >> the proposal goes to the
5:47 pm
postal rate commission for approval. if passed, the changes will go into effect on january 2nd. >> thank you. we want to know what you think about it. go to and vote in the poll. how would you prefer the postal service save money? most people say to cut back to 5 day work weeks. >> a crackdown on a contact lens craze. in the video, this there was generated by computers, but now it is a must have looked for many american girls ordering the contact lenses on line. these colored contact cover a portion of the whites of the eyes, making them appear larger. doctors say the lenses are not approved by the fda and could lead to infection or cornea scratches. elementary school children who play video games more than two hours a day are 67% more likely
5:48 pm
to have attention problems according to a new study published in the journal of pediatrics. researchers find playing video games and watching television appear to sap children's attention spans equally. the academy of pediatrics recommend parents limit television and video game time to under two hours a day. >> new research suggests measuring the circumference is a way of measuring up the city. but it does not accurately defined that run the midsection which is ultimately a indicator. creatures -- researchers say the association between fat and high net circumference is a good supplement to checking the body mass index. a study finds a later school start time improves a teen- ager's booed, help and attention in class. the time was the from 8:00 until 8:37 reported more satisfactory sleep, less daytime
5:49 pm
sleepiness, fatigue and depression as well. teenagers often go to bed later and sleep later and they need about nine hours of sleep a night, more than the usual eight. >> 9 hours sounds great. >> good luck getting that. >> let's see what's coming up at 6:00. >> i would like those long hours. coming up, the federal government takes a big step in the fight against arizona's immigration law. tonight, with the lawsuit filed means and how it will affect the controversy law before it goes into effect. -- a controversial law before it goes into effect. should 16-year-old be allowed to donate blood? we will tell you about that at 6:00. >> see you then. >> i'm going to take a nap between now and then. >> let's get another check on the weather. 106 degrees today. >> stay inside if you can. >> it is hot outside.
5:50 pm
looking for a full cool down during the evening hours. temperatures not going to drop a lot. 100 degrees after a high of 102 degrees. temperatures across the area at this hour -- 100 degrees in leesburg -- leesburg. same in fairfax. 97 degrees in gaithersburg. if you are planning on outdoor activities tomorrow, take easy. the heat advisory remains in effect until 11:00 tomorrow night and includes the district and surrounding counties. a heat index around 105 degrees. if you are not so lucky to head up to the baseball game, it's going to be caught with temperatures falling from around 100 degrees into the mid-90s. the wind out of the north at 5 miles an hour. not a lot of relief.
5:51 pm
tomorrow, another hot and uncomfortable day with 98 to 102 with wind out of the north. a slight cold down for the upcoming weekend with my time was eventually falling -- daytime highs falling into the '80s. some of the latest trends indicate we could be looking at another warm up by next week. it doesn't end. >> we don't want to think about that quite yet. >> and the mets are playing in this stuff? >> they are. it's going to be a very hot night. the nationals are two and two, trying to finish strongly. brian zimmerman is a finely -- is a final vote can't it for the all-star game. the story today is the heat and the field which is not quite like the grass of home. >> it is the color of the season -- that brownish gold. if the grass at your place looks like this, rest assured it one of the pros can delete or pain. >> this time of year, it is hard
5:52 pm
to manage home lawn. >> he is the head groundskeeper at national park or the grass is greener. >> we're looking at right now and we can tell it is stressed out. to the average homeowner, maybe or maybe not. >> he has advice to those scorching it at home. >> less water, probably better with these temperatures. >> he is taking its toll on the crow. he's lived in washington his entire life. >> 60 years. it's never been this hot that i can remember. >> mentally and physically, it puts a strain on all of us. we are here day in, day out, even when the team is not here. keeping hydrated is the biggest obstacle. we still have a game we have to get ready for and that is the and all for us. >> that doesn't look like my yard worry probably yours. when you walk on it, it feels like cornflakes. the netherlands beat uruguay today to advance to their first
5:53 pm
final since 1978. two goals in four games -- he was the maestro for the dutch today. the dutch treat leads the netherlands to the finals with their third straight one-goal when, 3-2. >> they will be partying in amsterdam. >> let the parties began. >> a lot of orange faces. >> let the parties began. >> a lot of orange faces.
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>> senator robert byrd was laid to rest at arlington national cemetery today. >> his beloved west virginia -- let's go live to the newsroom with more on how he was honored. >> senator byrd was remembered as a west virginia leader and a washington institution. but several revelations came out in the service as well. in these cities suffered from dyslexia and a granddaughter said he learned to swim at 90. today, he received his final
5:57 pm
farewell. >> >> the hearst told that to the sounds of bluegrass. from washington to west virginia, hundreds lined up to say goodbye. >> senator byrd was a coal miner to the coal miners. senator byrd was a newspaperman to the newspapers. he was an all round mountain among the mountains. >> he was the longest serving member of the united states senate, a fiery and passionate leader. today, his family looks back on not the institution, but the man. >> he was an uncle and nine uncles that cared. he was the only one that said call me and keep in touch. >> his granddaughter remembered the first time he made a cup of tea. >> he heeded the water, placing it in the mud and carefully proceeded to cut the teabags
5:58 pm
open and stir it into his water. >> at 92 years old, senator robert byrd had served his country for more than half a century. today, his country said thank you. >> everyone, across the hills to the valley and they will continue to echo his name. >> he leaves behind two daughters, five grandchildren, seven great grandchildren and was buried at a cemetery in arlington next to his wife of nearly 69 years. >> that will do it now for us at 5:00. coming up at 6:00, triple digit temperatures, record heat in some areas, and it's not over yet. when will we get some relief? >> the federal government is taking action to try to stop a controversial immigration law in
5:59 pm
arizona. but that could affect other states. vermont senator patrick leahy is alive and well. but an e-mail from his office announced he was dead. >> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> temperatures above 100 degrees and he is on and dangerous. >> people did whatever they could to say is safe -- to stay safe and hydrated. for others, it was all about finding a pool and air- conditioning. >> let's go live to northwest washington where people are doing the best they can to beat the heat. >> the fact that feels like a 105 degrees as many people trying to find ways to beat the brutal heat. here in washington d.c., schools are staying open an extra two hours later tonight. are staying open an extra two hours later tonight.


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